Tim McGraw Explains How The #DeepCutChallenge Happened

At the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, Tim McGraw launched the #DeepCutChallenge on social media, getting his fellow country artists to perform their favorite cover songs. Well, it turns it all started because Tim wanted to get in some more guitar playing time.

“Deep Cuts was fun,” he shares. “How it started, I’m not a great guitar player. I used to play more, but one thing I have done is play a lot more during this time and really got my chops up a little better.”

He adds, “I started sitting around playing all the songs that I was learning when I was in college,” including his first contribution to the challenge, John Schneider’s “Take the Long Way Home.”

“So, I just sat down and started playing it. I said, ‘I think I’m going to record this and just see what happens,” Tim explains. “Then we recorded it and I said, ‘Why don’t we challenge people to do it, and we did and it worked out.”

Source: Tim McGraw


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