Kelsea Ballerini Announces Third Album

Kelsea Ballerini fans got some exciting news yesterday. The singer announced that her third album, “Kelsea,” will drop March 20th. Kelsea announced the news on Instagram with a picture of herself lying in the sun.

So far no other info about the album is known, although she did already release two singles fro the record, “Homecoming Queen?” and “Club.”


This day in in 1953: Hank Williams tops the charts

Today in 1953, Hank Williams’ “I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive” was #1 on the charts.

Meant to be a humorous song, as evidenced by its ironic title and chorus, the composition took on additional poignancy following Williams’ death. In fact, the urban legend that the song was #1 at the time of his demise is not far from the truth, as he did in fact die in the first hours of January 1953. Williams recorded the song at Castle Studio in Nashville on June 13, 1952 with backing provided by Jerry Rivers (fiddle), Don Helms (steel guitar), Chet Atkins (lead guitar), Chuck Wright (bass) and probably Ernie Newton (bass).  Atkins recalled later, “We recorded ‘I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive’ and after each take, he’d sit down in a chair. I remember thinking, ‘Hoss, you’re not jivin’,’ because he was so weak that all he could do was just sing a few lines, and then just fall in the chair.”

The song has been covered by artists such as The Delta Rhythm Boys, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Asleep at the Wheel, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Williams Jr., Hank Williams III, and The Little Willies. Steve Earle released an album titled I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive on April 26, 2011, although only the iTunes album download includes a cover of the song. Earle often covers the song in live performances.

Source: Wikipedia

Luke Bryan Named 2020 Home For Good Project Ambassador

Luke Bryan has signed on to help Cornerstone Building Brands and their Home For Good project build affordable homes across the United States.

Since starting the Home For Good project in 2016, the company, the largest manufacturer of exterior building products in North America, has donated over $2 million in products to Habitat for Humanity, which helped build more than 500 homes in 70 communities.

As the 2020 Home for Good project ambassador, Luke will help bring awareness to the affordable housing crisis facing the country. He notes, “I’m happy to lend my support of Cornerstone Building Brands’ ongoing efforts to raise awareness for available and affordable housing across the country.”

Source: Yahoo


Taylor Swift Reveals Mom Is Battling A Brain Tumor & More

Taylor Swift sat down with “Variety” to discuss her upcoming Netflix documentary “Miss Americana,” debuting January 31st, and during the interview opened up about her mother Andrea’s health struggles, revealing that she is battling a brain tumor.

“Everyone loves their mom; everyone’s got an important mom, but for me, she’s really the guiding force,” Taylor says. “Almost every decision I make, I talk to her about it first. So obviously it was a really big deal to ever speak about her illness.”

Taylor shares that the latest health crisis was discovered while her mother was battling breast cancer. “She was going through chemo, and that’s a hard enough thing for a person to go through,” she says. “While she was going through treatment, they found a brain tumor… So it’s just been a really hard time for us as a family.”

Taylor’s mom’s illness directly affected the way Taylor decided to tour behind “Lover,” only playing select festival dates, as well as a handful of her own curated festivals. “That’s the reason. I mean, we don’t know what is going to happen. We don’t know what treatment we’re going to choose,” she shares. “It just was the decision to make at the time, for right now, for what’s going on.”

Regardless of why she decided to tour that way, Taylor is excited for the shows. “I wanted to be able to perform in places that I hadn’t performed in as much, and to do things I hadn’t done before, like Glastonbury,” she adds.

“But I also wanted to be able to work as much as I can handle right now, with everything that’s going on at home. And I wanted to figure out a way that I could do both those things.”

Among the other revelations from the article:

Despite the horrible reviews, Taylor doesn’t regret appearing in “Cats.” “I had a really great time working on that weird-a** movie,” she insists. “I’m not gonna retroactively decide that it wasn’t the best experience.”

“Miss Americana” focuses on Taylor’s decision to become more vocal about politics and certain issues, and one scene shows how “terrified” her father was when she decided to speak out against Tennessee’s Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn, who she sees as anti-feminist and anti-LGTBQ. Tay shares, “My dad is terrified of threats against my safety and my life, and he has to see how many stalkers we deal with on a daily basis, and know that this is his kid. It’s where he comes from.”

Taylor does regret not speaking up sooner, specifically before the 2016 election. “I can’t change that. … I need to be on the right side of history,” she tells her dad in the documentary. As for her decision to go public against Blackburn, Taylor says, “This was a situation where, from a humanity perspective, and from what my moral compass was telling me I needed to do, I knew I was right, and I really didn’t care about repercussions.”

Finally, fans will get to hear a brand new song in “Miss Americana,” “Only the Young.” “I wrote it after the midterm elections, when there were so many young people who rallied for their candidate…,” Swift shares. “It was hard to see so many people feel like they had canvassed and done everything and tried so hard. I saw a lot of young people’s hopes dashed. And I found that to be particularly tragic.” Taylor says she has no plans to release the tune as a single, although it will be available for streaming and download. She notes, “I just see it as a song that goes with this film.”

Source: Variety

John Anderson Releasing New Album In April

John Anderson is ready to release a new album. In case you missed it, the 65-year-old is getting ready to drop “Years,” on April 10th, which was produced by The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.

The album features 10 new songs, with a guest appearance by Blake Shelton on the tune “Tuesday I’ll Be Gone.”

Anderson recorded the album while he was dealing with a health crisis, and notes, “We went in the studio, and I remember saying, ‘I’m going to do this like it might be my last,’” adding, “It still could be, but now the chances of that are getting slimmer and slimmer every day. I’m doing better so I’m not hardly thinking that way anymore.”

Anderson wrote “Years” with album producers Dan Auerbach and David Ferguson, as well as Pat McLaughlin. Auerbach called Anderson out of the blue to see if they could write together, and those collaborations led to the new recording. “Years” will be Anderson’s first new album in five years.

Although he prefers not to go into details with regards to his health, Anderson adds, “There’s a few things that I came out of this whole deal better with. Part of it is my love for music and part of it is my appreciation for my family. But the biggest part is knowing that I might die here any minute, for who knows what reason, but I know that the good Lord already came down and touched me. There’s not a doubt in my mind.”

Check out the track list below:

“I’m Still Hangin’ On”
“Tuesday I’ll Be Gone” featuring Blake Shelton
“What’s a Man Got to Do”
“Wild and Free”
“Slow Down”
“All We’re Really Looking For”
“Chasing Down a Dream”
“You’re Nearly Nothing”

Source: Rolling Stone

Here’s the title track:

Sam Hunt’s DUI Case Transferred To Grand Jury

Sam Hunt is going to have to face the consequences of his November DUI arrest. A hearing on the case was supposed to take place Friday but it was canceled, and instead the case has been sent to a grand jury.

No reason for Friday’s cancellation was given, with a Davidson County clerk simply noting, “the case has been bound over and transferred to a higher court,” although a source tells Radaronline that’s “usually reserved for serious felonies.”

A clerk adds, “A prosecutor will work with a grand jury to decide whether to bring criminal charges or an indictment against a potential defendant.”

Sam was arrested November 21st in Nashville. He later took to social media to apologize for his actions.




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