Willie Nelson Reveals Tough Battle With Covid

Willie Nelson and his wife reveal in a new interview with “The New York Times” that Willie caught COVID earlier this year and it was pretty severe.

“I had a pretty rough time with it,” he shares. “COVID ain’t nothing to laugh at, that’s for sure.”

Willie tested positive back in May, and not long after he canceled some performances, at the time blaming “a positive Covid case in the Willie Nelson Family band.” But it turns out it was him. The 89-year-old apparently woke up on his tour bus struggling to breathe and a test later came back positive.

“I had a nebulizer on the bus,” wife Annie Nelson tells the paper. “I started everything I could at that point, including Paxlovid. He had the monoclonal antibodies. He had steroids.” She says when the got home they “turned the house into a hospital,” and had a medical unit at the ranch.

“There were a couple of times when I wasn’t sure he was going to make it,” she says, noting it took six days before Nelson recovered. He was back on stage two weeks later.

Source: New York Times


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