Thomas Rhett Shares Details On New Single ‘Angels’

Thomas Rhett released his single “Angels” this Friday, and he’s sharing his hopes for the song with his fans. The singer took to social media to thank everyone for listening to the new single so far, and that he “can’t wait to hear” his fans sing it back to the band at his next concert.

“God, I remember the day I wrote this song, I was like ‘There’s something special about it’ and ever since the record came out, it is kind of just raised it hand the entire time. It’s resonated with a bunch of y’all, so thank y’all for loving it,” Rhett shared on social media.

Rhett is hitting the road soon, finishing up his “Bring The Bar To You” tour in Canada throughout February, before his “Home Team Tour 23” kicks off in Des Moines, Iowa in May, which gives his fans plenty of time to memorize his new songs and sing it back to him, just like he hopes!


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