Taylor Swift Donates Almost $5K To Fan’s College Tuition Fund

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is good to her fans, but she just went above and beyond what any other star would probably do for them. A Swiftie just revealed on social media that the singer sent her almost $5,000 towards her college tuition.

Ayesha Khurram shared a screenshot of $4,829.45 donation ($6,386.47 in Canadian dollars) that she received from one of Taylor’s companies, Taylor Nation, LLC. The donation came along with a note that read, “Ayesha, get your learn on girl. I love you! Taylor.”

“I posted about struggling with paying for tuition. two hours later, I get this in my email,” Ayesha explained. “I have no words and i can’t stop crying.”

Ayesha had explained on social media that she was thinking about dropping out because her parents, who work minimum wage jobs, were struggling, and she says she has Taylor to thank for easing their financial burden. “Taylor Swift took that stress from my parents, my world, and I have never seen them cry/laugh the way they are right now,” she shared. “I truly do not have the words and i will never, ever be able to repay her for the love and kindness she has shown me right now.”


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