Taylor Swift Accused of Stealing ‘Lover’ Book Design

Taylor Swift is considered by many to be a creative artist and writer, but that isn’t stopping one author from claiming the pop star ripped her off – and she’s suing. Teresa La Dart published a book of poetry and pictures in 2010 called “Lover.” In 2019, Tay Tay released her “Lover” album – which was accompanied by a book of writings and pictures also called “Lover” – and that’s the conflict.

According to the lawsuit, La Dart claims Taylor and her company lifted crucial elements of her book for Taylor’s book of the same name – a book that went on to sell nearly 3M copies in the US alone. So what exactly did Taylor allegedly lift from the original “Lover?” Well, the lawsuit claims, there’s the title – identical. The concept of Taylor’s book – “a recollection of past years memorialized in a combination of written and pictorial components” – also identical, according to La Dart. And, she says, the particular style of photos on the cover and in the foreword is too close to chalk up to coincidence – particularly the use of pastel blues and pinks in the color schemes of both books.

The lawsuit is asking for more than $1M in damages. But according to veteran litigator Aaron Moss, who runs the website Copyright Lately, “As far as I can tell, she isn’t claiming that any of the actual content is similar. The idea of memorializing a series of recollections over a number of years by interspersing ‘written and pictorial components’ isn’t protectable,” adding, “If it were, this person might as well sue anyone who’s ever written a diary or made a scrap book.”

Source: Billboard


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