Shania Twain Recalls ‘Nightmare’ Pneumonia/COVID Battle

Shania Twain has shared a scary experience with COVID-19 & pneumonia with UK paper “The Mirror”. Not only did she have to battle COVID, she had to be airlifted from Lake Geneva, Switzerland to the hospital during the peak of the pandemic and put in isolation!

“…if I was living alone in a more isolated scenario, I don’t know what would have happened,” Twain reminisced as she recalled her husband helping her get through her close call with Covid.

Twain shared that she was treated with plasma therapy which took several days to start building up any antibodies. Her husband, meanwhile, was frantic with stress as he was trying to find a bed for her at the hospital and coordinating the airlift. Twain is grateful to have made it through and credits her husband for taking care of her.

Source: The Mirror


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