Sam Hunt Arrested For DUI

Sam Hunt is in some serious trouble with the law. The singer was arrested for DUI and an open container violation in East Nashville yesterday morning after allegedly driving the wrong way down a parkway.

When cops got to Hunt’s vehicle they noticed he couldn’t keep his car in a proper lane. According to the police report, when cops pulled him over his eyes were bloodshot, watery and he smelled of alcohol, and he also had two empty beers in the car with him.

Not only that, Sam had difficulty finding his ID to give to officers, which was actually on his lap. Instead he gave them a credit card and passport. Sam admitted to drinking alcohol “recently,” and his blood alcohol level measured 0.173, well above the legal limit of .08. He also took a field sobriety test.

Sam was booked in Davidson Country, and released on $2,500 bond. Video shows him leaving Metro Jail and walking off on his own.




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