Parenting Has Given Thomas Rhett Some Album Ideas

Thomas Rhett is a dad of three girls, with another one on the way, so he knows a thing or two about parenting at this point. And it looks like he’s contemplating channeling it into his music.

“One day I’m gonna make a record called PARENTING,” he shares on Instagram. “till then here’s the future track listing.. anyone else got any good titles??”

Thomas then offers up some of the titles he may want to write, including: “Eat your breakfast,” “I think you’re just sleepy,” “Where’d you learn that word,” “Don’t draw on the walls,” “Are we there yet” and more.

And apparently Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild had a few song titles to add, commenting “Hope your dad doesn’t find out,” and “No. You can’t have your own Amex.”

  • ONE MORE THING! With so many kids, Thomas admits it hasn’t always been easy for him to practice patience, but the pandemic helped him with that. “I think one of the things I learned during quarantine was how impatient of a human I am,” he shares. “And I think when you’re kind of forced to be at home as long as we have been, you either stay that way or you become more patient.” He adds, “I would like to say that I came out on the other side of quarantine victorious.”


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