Morgan Wallen Cancels Six Weeks Of Shows For Medical Reasons

Unfortunate news for Morgan Wallen fans – and Morgan himself. The singer took to Instagram yesterday to tell the world: he’s sidelined for the next six weeks.

To get everyone up to speed: Morgan was just about to take the stage in Oxford, Mississippi April 23 when he canceled the show at the last minute, claiming “my voice was shot.” Shortly after, Wallen claimed he was put on vocal rest by his doctors, forcing him to reschedule three concerts as he gave his vocal chords a break. He resumed live performing with a series of three concerts in Florida this past weekend, even though he said prior to the first concert that he “wasn’t quite 100%.” While breaking the bad news yesterday, Morgan recounted that he played the three Florida shows but by the end of the third one, he “felt terrible,” causing him to revisit his docs at the Vanderbilt Voice Center. The result: a diagnosis of “vocal fold trauma” – and as a result, the country star has been forced to cancel or postpone all his concerts for the next six weeks – and, in fact, they advised him to talk as little as possible. If he goes against this medical advice, his doctors have told him he risks damage to his vocal chords.

Falling victim to his being put on the IL: his scheduled performance at the ACM Awards this Thursday night, and a number of festivals that won’t be possible to reschedule – though he says he plans on making those good next year.

Morgan’s website has apparently been updated to reflect the cancellations; his next listed show is June 22 at Wrigley Field in Chicago.

Source: Fox News


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