Keith Urban On Surviving The Quarantine, And Making New Music

Keith Urban admits in a new interview that he wasn’t handling quarantine well at the beginning of the lockdown. He tells “CBS Sunday Morning” that at first he spent his time “just kicking back,” noting, “I confess…I didn’t transition smoothly into this new way of doing things.”

Keith said he just first resolved to sit back on the couch with his family and ride things out, but notes, “I just didn’t do anything. Just did nothing for it seemed like eternity for me.”

It took a call from a friend to change things for him. After complaining about all the things he couldn’t do, his friend asked him if there was anything he could do. Keith shares, “And within that call, I started to pivot. And I know it sounds so cheesy, but really, that’s what it was. I pivoted over towards what I could do.”

What he could do was finish his new record “The Speed Of Now: Part 1,” which drops Friday. “There’s a chunk of this record, probably a good third of it that wouldn’t have happened without what we went through,” Keith says. “I would say I had 70% of the record finished. So, some of these songs came because of the times, from the times, and were even created during that period as well.”

And while many can’t see the bright side of everything we’ve been through with the pandemic, Keith can. “I’m always hopeful,” he says. “We will learn so much from this moment, so much. And when this comes again – and there’s no doubt it will at some point – we’ll be way better prepared for it, and I think just have a new way of doing things.” As for music, he notes, “We’re always gonna play somehow, some way. We’re gonna figure out a way to do it.”

Source: CBS Sunday Morning


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