Hunter Hayes drops new album tomorrow

Hunter Hayes is releasing a new album, and fans don’t have to wait long for it. In fact, the record, “Wild Blue (Part 1),” drops tomorrow. The record, his first in four years, will actually be the first in a trilogy, featuring the 10 songs on Part 1 either written or co-written by Hunter himself.

“I was originally going to put out the album on the anniversary of my debut album (in October) because I felt like I was picking up where I left off there,” he said on Today” when announcing the record, “but I decided I couldn’t wait any longer.”

Hunter actually recorded his album in his living room, and tells “The Tennessean” it had a big impact on the final product. “I had nothing keeping me from saying what I wanted, writing what I wanted, producing what I wanted,” he says. “I spent a lot of time writing as if the world was watching, and I decided to make a record as if no one was watching, and that helped me remove all my filters.”

Check out the track list below:

“Wild Blue”
“One Good Reason”
“Dear God”
“Loving You”
“My Song Too”
“One Shot”
“Night and Day”


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