George Strait Reveals Fool-Proof Hangover Cure

Has George Strait finally found the magical hangover cure we’re all looking for? He certainly seems to think so. Strait partied a bit back in the day, and while he doesn’t hit the bottle as hard as he used to, he does own his own tequila brand, so he certainly is aware some people might regret the day after a drink or two.

Thankfully Strait says he can cure a hangover pretty quickly. “When I happen to have the occasional hangover, which I try not to, if I can get some menudo that’s what I get,” Strait told The Daily Beast. Just to be clear, Strait is not saying to eat the Mexican band, but in fact the soup menudo, which is a fish soup (specifically using Tripe as the fish).

Menudo is apparently a hangover-cure staple in Mexico, with some people swearing by the meal. It is also known is some regions as pancita or mole de panza. If that doesn’t work…George Strait might recommend a bit of “hair of the dog” with a shot of his tequila brand Código Tequila.

Source: The Daily Beast


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