Eric Church On The Process Behind “Heart & Soul”

Eric Church’s upcoming project “Heart & Soul” is the result of a month-long session in North Carolina in which he, his co-writers and producer Jay Joyce wrote and recorded songs from start to finish in one day, and it certainly pushed everyone involved.

“I committed to I will get up in the morning and we’re going to write a song or create a piece of work that we are going to record that night, and then we’re going to do it again and again and again,” Eric shares. “And I think that there’s something about the commitment to the 24-hour period and then the forget-ability of the next period that made this work.”

He says the whole process was “creative,” adding, “we let the creative moment continue to the players, to the songwriters.”

Eric’s “Heart & Soul” project will be released in three parts. “Heart” will be the first to be released on April 16th, followed by “&,” for his fan cub only on April 20th, and “Soul” on April 23rd

Source: Eric Church


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