Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont Students Shine At Solo Contest

On Saturday April 11th, Students from Eddyville Blakesburg Fremont High School performed at the State Solo and Ensemble Contest at PCM High School in Monroe. The EBF students earned 9 Division I Ratings and 13 Division II ratings.

Those students earning division I ratings (superior) were: Emma Haselhuhn; alto sax, tenor sax & soprano Sax solos, Irene Roberts; french horn solo, Devon Severson; clarinet solo, Sara
Loving; trumpet solo, Brandon Dicks; trombone solo, Mika Farnum; alto sax solo, and the Clarinet Quartet including Devon Severson, Mika Farnum, Jessie Eveland, and Adlynn Eveland.

Emma Haselhuhn had the distinction of earning her 4th consecutive Division I ratings at State Solo Contest. Emma Haselhuhn, a senior, was one point from a perfect score on her alto and tenor sax solos.

Students receiving Division II ratings (excellent) were: Payton Fry and Emma Bunnell on their clarinet duet, Gracie De La Cruz; clarinet solo, Mika Farnum; clarinet, bass clarinet, and bari sax solos, Deserae Simmons; flute solo, Marina Rupprecht; tuba solo, Adlynn Eveland; vocal solo, Carter Roose; vocal solo, Devon Severson; vocal solo, Jessie Eveland; vocal solo, Mika Farnum; vocal solo, and the trumpet duet of Gage De La Cruz and Teri Jo Lane.

These students also did a wonderful job and had excellent performances on their events as well: Jessie Eveland; clarinet solo, Adlynn Eveland, clarinet solo, Sage Webster; flute solo, the french horn duet of Irene Roberts and Gracie De La Cruz, Marina Rupprecht; vocal solo, and
Irene Roberts; vocal solo.


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