Dolly Parton’s Brother Inspired “You Are My Christmas”

Dolly Parton’s new Christmas album, “A Holly Dolly Christmas,” features the very personal song “You Are My Christmas,” which was inspired by her brother Randy, who was born around the holiday.

“Randy was our Christmas baby,” she shares in a video on her website. “We used to cry for one of those walking, talking dolls when we were kids, that we’d see in the catalog. Or, some of our relatives that had a little more than we did, they’d get one.”

She adds, “So I remember the year that Randy was born around Christmas, Mama said, ‘Hey, come here, look. We’ve got your own walking, talking doll. He actually cries real tears, he pees real pee, and he’s like your walking, talking doll.'”

Randy and his daughter Heidi actually sing background vocals on the tune, and Dolly says since they “sound great together” she thought, “Wouldn’t it be great to have her sing that third part harmony on it?,” adding, “So I was real proud to have Randy and Heidi on the same record.”

Source: Dolly Parton


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