Dierks Bentley Excited For Nashville New Year’s Eve

Dierks Bentley is headlining CBS’ big New Year’s Eve special from Nashville, and it will be a very different New Year’s Eve than he’s used to.

“I haven’t played a New Year’s Eve show in a really long time,” he shares. “Somewhere along the way, I just decided I wanted to be a regular fan of New Year’s Eve and just be doing the stuff with my kids and watching the ball, the countdown in New York or in Colorado, I think we had a pair of skis that came down instead of a ball.”

Deirks says that while he’s enjoyed being off on NYE, he couldn’t sit home this year.

“When I found out that this big CBS special is happening in my adopted hometown of Nashville where I’ve lived for almost 30 years, I really wanted to be a part of it,” he says, “because it’s a special moment for the city, it’s a special moment for country music.” He adds, “I’m really excited to showcase our city on CBS.”

CBS’ NYE special “New Years LIVE: Nashville’s Big Bash” kicks off 8 pm.

Source: Dierks Bentley


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