Alicia Keys Gloats After Beating Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton has always given his fellow coaches on The Voice a hard time when they lose to him, and now that competitive banter has been reciprocated by his friend Alicia Keys. After Keys’ contestant, Chris Blue, beat Team Blake’s Lauren Duski during the Season 12 finale on Tuesday night (5/23), she couldn’t help but gloat a little. During a press conference after the show, Alicia said (quote via Parade), “Ladies and gentleman, it has been a great dream of mine to put a whippin’ on Blake Shelton. I couldn’t wait for the day, when I could say, Blake, nah, nah nah.”


·         All banter aside, Alicia actually has the utmost respect for Shelton’s contestant, saying, “Lauren is phenomenal, by the way. I am so, so proud of everybody who was on that stage tonight. This whole season has been such a beautiful group of people.”


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