Patriots To Go Without Defensive Coordinator Next Season

When Patriots’ defensive coordinator Matt Patriciathe man who helped lead the team to three Super Bowlsleft this offseason to take over the head coaching job in Detroit, many said nobody could replace him.

And it looks like those people were exactly right.

Because the Patriots coordinator next season will be, basically…nobody.

While linebackers coach Brian Flores will assume play-calling duties, he will not be promoted to defensive coordinator. In fact, that position will be vacant for the Patriots next season.

But hey, it’s not like Flores can’t climb the ladder and someday be as good as nobody. Because that’s exactly how Patricia got the gig.

“The move mirrors New England’s grooming process of Patricia, who was given defensive play-calling duties for the Patriots following the 2010 departure of [Dean] Pees,” says Yahoo! Sports. “New England’s former defensive coordinator Patricia’s title was not officially promoted to defensive coordinator until 2012.”

Yup, Pees left after the 2009 season and it wasn’t til two seasons later that Patricia actually named DC on 2012.

Sure looks like patience paid off for him…. Patriots fans hope it will for Flores as well.

Source: Yahoo! Sports


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