‘Tootsie Roll Drive’ Helps Local Organization

Submitted Photo: Jack Cavanaugh, Randy Adams, David Blong, Randy Schultz, and Father Felix of the Chariton Knights of Columbus present the donation to Kim Fletcher, Jenny Hoover, and Cheryl Plank from Tenco.

(CHARITON, Iowa) – Perhaps you’ve seen local Knights of Columbus members outside retail stores, handing out large-size Tootsie Rolls featuring the organization’s logo and seeking donations. Or maybe you recently picked up a Tootsie Roll from Second Time Around Store, a subsidiary of Tenco Industries, located in Chariton.

The annual “Tootsie Roll Drive” is a nationwide effort made by the Knights of Columbus Organization. The goal is to raise money for those with intellectual and/or physical disabilities (as well as the Special Olympics) and donations go to local groups that assist those persons.

“Those who donate to the cause are given a [T]ootsie [R]oll as a ‘thank you’,” reads a news release sent by Tenco Industries. “[Ninety percent] of all funds raised stay in the area. The other [ten percent] is sent to the corporate office to be distributed to areas that don’t have a Knight of Columbus.”

As a result, Tenco Industries was given $500 from the Knights. The goal of the donation is to help Tenco continue it’s mission to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to develop and maintain independence in all areas of life. Tenco currently has offices in seven counties, two hydroponic greenhouses, and two thrift stores. Tenco locations include: Ottumwa, Fairfield, Knoxville, Keosauqua, Oskaloosa, Centerville, Chariton.

By Hailey Brown, KBOE/KMZN

Tenco Hydroponic Greenhouse goes “Off the Grid”

The Tenco 4-bay hydroponic greenhouse and the adjacent Multipurpose Facility for processing, grading, and packaging produce officially went “off the grid” on Monday afternoon.

A 74.88 kWh Solar System is now operational at these facilities in Wapello, County, which serves as an employment and training site for people with disabilities while producing an abundance of locally grown pesticide free produce for retail establishments in our region; in addition, a portion of the produce is gifted to the Southern Iowa Food Bank and Blessings Soup Kitchen.

The Solar System will produce 110,170 kWh’s annually which will cover 100{99cd714f394079a7f0ed2eb1518dd31342ff3ceb5b6c267c3ad8acd5b5a7d66b} of anticipated energy usage in these facilities. The solar panels remain under warranty for 25 years, but because there are no moving parts will most likely last 35-40 years.

The Tenco Hydroponic Greenhouse and Solar Complex is one of the recent projects funded through the Tenco Capital Campaign which winds down at the end of December, and is an exemplary project that combines “locally grown produce; supporting people with disabilities; and healing the planet” in the words of Kent Walker, Capital Campaign Chair.


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