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City Preparations for Winter Weather

Winter weather will happen – ready or not – and it’s never too early to remind everyone “Ice and Snow…..Take it Slow.”

The Oskaloosa Police Department reminds citizens when winter weather conditions become severe with freezing rain, sleet, ice or snow fall which cause difficult travel conditions, the City Manager has the authority to declare a snow emergency within the city. The announcement will be made through the City’s website at www.oskaloosaiowa.org and local media outlets, such as KBOE/KMZN, and will give the date and time the snow emergency begins. Citizens can also sign up to receive e-mail or text alerts when a snow emergency has been declared. Go to the city’s web page and located on the lower left-hand side of the front page is a “Notify Me” button. Fill out the necessary information and an e-mail/text alert will be sent when a snow emergency has been declared. One can also log onto www.kboeradio.com and click on the “Closings” button on the top for all the latest weather delays, closures and emergencies.

When a snow emergency is declared, no on-street parking is allowed. If you leave your vehicle parked on city streets during a snow emergency, you may receive a $25 parking ticket and/or your vehicle could be towed at your expense. Citizens who do not have off-street parking available to them may park their vehicle(s) in the city parking lots within the central business district. Once the street is plowed you should remove your vehicle from the city parking lot so the street department can plow the lots. On-street parking is allowed again
only after the full width of the street has been plowed, or the snow emergency has been cancelled.

The City of Oskaloosa has prepared a brochure for residents which is available on the city website and through City Hall – 220 South Market Street, Public Works – 804 South D Street, or at the Mahaska County Law Center – 214 High Avenue East. The brochure contains frequently asked questions along with important information for citizens. Remember when a snow emergency is declared, no on-street parking is allowed until the full width of the street has been plowed or the snow emergency is cancelled.

Eventually, winter weather will arrive, prepare now and remember “Ice and Snow….Take it Slow”.


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