FTC Sends Luke Bryan A Guidance Letter for Instagram Post

Luke Bryan is among the 45 celebrities who were recently sent guidance letters by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concerning their Instagram posts. According to Billboard, the celebrities were sent the letters because some of their social media posts appeared to endorse products without disclosing their financial gains from said products. The letters were sent in April after the FTC received complaints from several advocacy groups who said Instagram “has become a platform for disguised advertising directed towards young consumers.”


·         In Luke’s case, the FTC’s letter was regarding an Instagram post in which Bryan appeared to endorse the outdoor retailer Cabela’s, where he has an exclusive partnership to sell his HFE clothing line.

·         The FTC’s letter to Bryan stated, “You posted a picture of yourself in a Cabela’s store holding a fishing rod. You wrote, ‘Which one should I get? #HFE'”

·         Some of the other celebrities who have received guidance letters include Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs, Ciara, Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lynn Spears.

·         The HFE apparel line is inspired by Bryan’s hit single, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin Every Day.”

Fans Can Finally Hear Jennifer Nettles’ New Duet With Jennifer Lopez “My House”

Fans can finally hear Jennifer Nettles’ new duet with Jennifer Lopez titled “My House.” Nettles confirmed the collaboration back in March after Lopez posted a photo of the two of them in the studio together. The collaborative track appears on Nettles’ new album, Playing With Fire, which will be released on Friday (5/13).

Check out the song below:


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