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Kenny Chesney Announces His New Single

Kenny Chesney has revealed “Setting The World On Fire” as the next single from his new album, Cosmic Hallelujah. The previously announced collaboration with pop star Pink will hit country radio on July 28 at 5 PM ET. Earlier this month, Kenny said he delayed the release of his new album because he wanted this duet track to be on there.


·       Chesney says of the new single, “You can’t conjure a song that captures that feeling of being on the brink like this does. The lyrics are a perfect way of saying it, but when you feel that melody rise, the arrangement picking up momentum – it’s bigger than you are, and all you want to do is throw yourself against the night.”

Kenny Chesney Has Changed The Name Of His New Album

While appearing on Good Morning America on Friday (7/8), Kenny Chesney revealed that he’s changed the name of his new album to Cosmic Hallelujah. Kenny says Some Town Somewhere is a great title, but he feels like this new name will give people a better sense of what the music is about and how it expands on his previous album. The album is due out October 28th.



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