Stamp Out Hunger Saturday

Mail carriers will be picking up more than letters on Saturday (5/11).  That’s when the 27th annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive takes place.  The National Association of Letter Carriers is asking you to leave out a non-perishable food item outside your mailbox Saturday morning.  Kristy Anderson with the US Postal Service has more.

“You can put it in anything and just set it out by your mailbox or outside your door if your box is on your house.  Just anything non-perishable….(donations) stay within the community.  It’s something that we really, really enjoy to do for our customers that are struggling because hunger is such a huge, huge problem in the state.”

Anderson says they’re looking for canned items and boxed items that you’d find in a grocery store.  If you use a post office box for your mail, Anderson says you can drop off a food item at your local post office.  Stamp Out Hunger is the largest one day food drive in the nation.


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