Snow emergencies

Several communities have issued snow emergencies.  In Oskaloosa, a snow emergency takes effect at midnight Friday (1/10).  That means all vehicles must be removed from city streets to allow crews to remove snow.  If you don’t get your car off the street, you’ll get a ticket and your car could also be towed. In New Sharon, the city’s snow ordinance takes effect at 5pm and will stay in effect until all the streets are cleared on Sunday.  In Pella, a snow emergency takes effect at 6 this evening until further notice.  Sigourney has a snow emergency starting at 5pm until 24 hours after the snow stops.  And in Knoxville, a snow emergency takes effect at 7:00 tonight until the storm ends and the streets are plowed from curb to curb.  The City of Ottumwa’s Snow Emergency Ordinance will be placed into effect beginning on Friday, January 10th at 6 P.M


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