Sigourney turns 175

Sigourney is celebrating a birthday.  The city turns 175 years old on Friday (7/5), but the celebration is starting Wednesday night (7/3) and will be combined with Independence Day celebrations.  Julie Tremmel, a member of the 175th Anniversary steering committee, talks about the event.

“Sigourney always celebrates the 4th of July, but since it’s our dodransbicentennial–that’s 25 years less than 200–we wanted to make it extra special.  We wanted to have so many events that people couldn’t do them all and they had to choose which ones to do.  This year we have our regular street dance tonight, Friday night we have music with Brass Pear and on Saturday night we’re having Standing Hampton.  They were a big hit at Ragbrai (last summer) and we wanted them back. We have the tractor pull on Thursday night (at the Expo).”

There will also be a kids’ tractor pull, a bags tournament and a poker run this evening.  Thursday, the 4th of July parade starts at 10:30am with fireworks at 9:30pm at the Expo.  Then on Saturday (7/6), there’s a grand reunion at Sigourney High School from 1 to 4pm.


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