Short Chase In Oskaloosa Ends When Suspect Surrenders

Oskaloosa, Iowa – On Sunday afternoon, Mahaska County Deputy Brent De Ronde, according to affidavits submitted to the Mahaska County District Court state observed Clint Hornick of Kirkville, Iowa operating a motor vehicle on north 5th street.

“I turned to follow the vehicle and the defendant began to travel at a quick pace. The defendant made several quick turns and it appeared that the defendant was attempting to create distance and separation between him and myself,” states De Ronde in the affidavit.

“I was behind the defendant in the 300 block of north 6th street. I observed the defendant make a right hand turn onto C Avenue East from North 6th Street. The defendant did not come to a complete stop at the stop sign. I turned onto C Avenue East behind the defendant and activated my emergency lights. The defendant continued east on C Avenue and then turned south on North 9th Street. The defendant then turned left on B Avenue east. At this point I was directly behind the defendant and turned on my audible siren. The defendant turned northbound on North 11th Street and then made a right hand turn on C Avenue East. The defendant traveled approximately 1 block and then turned into the Greenway Apartments. The defendant slowed and then exited the apartments and continued east on C Avenue East. The defendant then began to travel northbound on North Park Avenue.”

“At this time, the defendant sped up and began to travel at a high rate of speed. I observed that I was traveling 61 miles per hour on my patrol units certified speedometer while I was in the 1800 block of North Park Avenue and the defendant’s vehicle was pulling away from me. The defendant continued on North Park until it turned to gravel. The defendant then slowed his vehicle and stopped. The defendant was apprehended.”

“The defendant was identified by Iowa drivers license and I was informed that the defendant had a valid arrest warrant in Mahaska County for probation violation. The defendant was transported to the Mahaska County Jail, where custody of him was turned over to jail staff”.

Hornick was held on a cash only bond of $2,000.00.

Hornick is facing charges of” Eluding – Speed over 25 mph over the limit. Other charges include Fail to obey stop sign, failure to provide proof of financial liability, and speeding.

It should be noted a criminal charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Story provided by Osky News


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