Sculpture workshop opening in Oskaloosa

FACE—Fine Arts and Cultural Events—of Mahaska County will be opening a sculpture workshop as an expansion of the Oskaloosa Art Center.  Artist Matt Kargol tells the No Coast Network what’s in the workshop.

“We have a full metalworking shop, welders and plasma cutters and plasma benders and rollers and shears….all the tools that go into making sculptures.  People can come take classes.  We’re also looking for anyone who is interested in doing public art or large scale sculptures.  There might be some studio space available to work in for them.  Also opportunities for people who would like to maybe teach some classes in basic welding and metal fabrication.  We’re always looking for instructors in that way, as well.”

You’re invited to an open house at the workshop Friday (7/31) from 5 to 7pm.  It’s located at South Market Street and 9th Avenue East.  You’re encouraged to wear a mask or face covering at the open house.


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