Sanitary And Storm Sewer Inspection And Mapping

The City of Oskaloosa Wastewater and Public Works Departments have partnered with HR Green to start mapping and inspecting sanitary and storm sewer manholes and stormwater inlets and outlets.  HR Green will start mapping and inspecting these sewer systems beginning the week of November 7, 2016 and will conclude by the end of June 2017.  All HR Green employees inspecting sewer infrastructure will have uniforms with the HR Green logo, fluorescent vests, business cards, and their company trucks.


How will this affect the public?


HR Green will be performing manual inspections to assess the condition of the sanitary system and will have vehicles on the road near manholes and intakes during the inspections.  No road closures are expected and temporary traffic control devices will be used to maintain roadway safety.  Be aware that personnel may be in front yards, back yards, alleyways, and easements to inspect manholes and inlets, but will not be doing inspections inside homes.



Why is this needed?


This inspection will allow the City of Oskaloosa to assess the condition of its manholes and intakes to identify needed repairs and prevent failures.  The sanitary and stormwater manholes and stormwater inlets and outlets will also be mapped using GPS equipment to build a new Geographic Information System (GIS) for the City.  This comprehensive data collection program will help the City analyze and locate all sewer and stormwater assets and will have the ability to find and locate them using mobile devices.




  • Akhilesh Pal, Public Works Director, City of Oskaloosa at 641-673-7472 or
  • Chad Coon, Water & Wastewater General Manager, Oskaloosa Water and Wastewater, at 641-673-8476 or
  • Scott Mattes, Project Manager, HR Green, at 515.278.2913 or



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