Rozenboom cleared of animal abuse

The Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office says it has cleared State Senator Ken Rozenboom and his brother Calvin of wrongdoing after an investigation into a report of animal neglect at a farm the brothers own.  On January 23, someone from an animal rights group called Direct Action Everywhere filed a complaint that hogs in a confined building at Rosewood Pork, Incorporated had suffered from abuse and/or neglect.  During last Saturday’s (2/8) Eggs and Issues in Oskaloosa, Rozenboom said the group targeted him.

“What they do is try to get pictures of things…..the ugly side of animal production.  And if they can’t get the pictures, they stage the pictures.  They’re known for that.  So in this case, we weren’t even operating the buildings anymore. Because of our age, we had actually leased the buildings out.  But they got pictures of pigs in the sick pens.  They get a few pictures that look bad, that shock people. But those pigs are being well cared for in the hospital pen, as they should be.”

Rozenboom says the group isn’t going after him per se, but their goal is to drive the meat, milk and agriculture industries out of business.


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