Residential Clean-Up Days Coming to Oskaloosa April 2–5

(OSKALOOSA, Iowa) – Spring is here and with it comes the ritual of spring cleaning. City clean-up days for Oskaloosa will be April 2–5, 2018.

The following guidelines will be used for the pickup, as scene in The Shopper:

1. Oskaloosa will be divided up into four quadrants.
• The southeast quadrant – which includes south of A Avenue East and east of South Market in Oskaloosa – will be retrieved on Monday, April 2.
• The northeast quadrant – north of A Avenue East and east of North Market Street – will be picked up on Tuesday, April 3.
• The northwest quadrant – including north of A Avenue West and west of North Market Street – will be picked up Wednesday, April 4.
• The southwest quadrant – south of A Avenue West and west of South Market Street – will be taken on Thursday, April 5.

2. Items must be placed on the curb or edge of the property by 7:00 AM on the morning of pickup for that area in town. Each quadrant will only be picked up on the day scheduled.

3. This event is open to all Oskaloosa residents.

4. Only the following items will be picked up during these scheduled days:
• Mattresses & Box Spring (Limit: 1 mattress & 1 box-spring per household);
• Furniture;
• Appliances: Limit of 3 per household, including refrigerators, stoves, hot water, heaters, microwaves and freezers;
• Other large, bulky items the garbage haulers cannot pick up.

5. The City will not pick up any garbage bags, yard waste, paint cans (unless open and dried out), batteries, hazardous waste items, or construction material.

6. Business waste is not accepted through this program.

7. Tires will neither be picked up by the City or accepted by the County Landfill.

8. Items not picked up must then be removed by the owner or renter within 24 hours.

This is not a complete list of rules and regulations and the City of Oskaloosa has the right to refuse removing any items. To ask questions or for more information, call Oskaloosa Public works at 641-673-7472.

– By Hailey Brown, KBOE/KMZN


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