Proposal Music Video – Chris Lane

The music video for Chris Lane’s new single “For Her” was also the setting for a real-life marriage proposal. Chris used the video shoot as a cover story to help a fan named Brandon surprise his girlfriend Connie and pop the question. First, they told Connie that her friend had won VIP passes to the video shoot, and then they convinced her to invite Brandon as one of the guests. The video shows the group of friends hanging out on the set of the video shoot, with Brandon taking center stage midway through for the big moment. During the shoot, Brandon walks out next to Lane and starts singing the song. Connie then joins Brandon on the floor and he drops to one knee to propose. Oh, and, Connie says “Yes.”


·       The “For Her” video can be seen here.

·       Chris says in the clip, “Instead of making up a love story for the music video, I wanted to have a real life, genuine love story, and this is the real deal.”


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