Pella Council Meets for Final Time in 2022

By Sam Parsons

The Pella City Council met for the last time in the year 2022 this week. The city saw new police officer Shawn Mason get sworn into duty. The council then held a public hearing for its Annual Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Program and awarded a 5 year contract to Visu-Sewer, Inc, for a total of approximately $552,000.

The council also revisited the Bos Landen Conference Center Repairs after tabling it in their last meeting to discuss funding. City administrator Mike Nardini said that while the project has been in the works for a while, the city did receive some questions about what would happen if they didn’t proceed with it.

The contract for repairs was awarded to Hooyer Construction for about $1.07 million. The city’s insurance will reimburse the cost to restore the components of the Center that suffered damage due to the water line incident in 2020, up to $1,010,000, leaving the city’s share of expenses at just over $65,000.


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