Osky still fighting for playoff berth

Friday night (10/25) is the final night of the high school football regular season.  Several teams will try to improve their playoff chances with a win, while others are trying to win their district championship.  Oskaloosa is in the category of improving their playoff chances.  The Indians host South Tama Friday night at Statesmen Community Stadium…..needing a win to move up in the Class 3A RPI rankings.  Indians Coach Jake Jenkins talks about getting into the playoffs.

“I think it’s about a 50/50 chance whether you’re in or you’re out.  So we need to play our best football and have a lot of fun and enjoy it in front of a good home crowd, especially for these seniors and then, we’ll let the chips fall as they may, we’ll see what happens.  My gut says it’s about 50/50.  But really that doesn’t matter right now.  We need to take care of business.  We need to play to the best of our ability, we need to play our best game and execute and we need to have a lot of fun and give a lot of credit to the seniors because it could be their last go-around.  So play every play like it’s your last and play every game like it’s your last, so that’ll be no different tonight.”

Oskaloosa is 5-3 overall, South Tama is 0-8 with a 23 game losing streak.  You can hear Oskaloosa High football Friday night on KBOE-FM and KBOE Radio dot com.  Our coverage starts at 7:15 with the play by play at 7:30.


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