Osky Skate Park Gets A Makeover

The skate park at the Oskaloosa Urban Park received a mini-makeover Sunday afternoon when local and visiting riders picked up brushes and cleaned up the gazebo area. Local users Dawson Darrland, Tyler Smith, Andrew Silvers, and Tyler Pope had planned to clean and came to the park early afternoon ready to go. Visitor Steven Irwin from Ottumwa and Michael Flournoy and Marquis Bedford of Fairfield were hanging out and decided to join the project.

Tyler Smith said that he came to clean because he thought it looked dirty and he and his friends were hanging out so he decided to come. Andrew Silvers, who was part of the planning committee from the beginning of the skatepark, said that he wants to hold a competition so he is helping to clean the park. MCRF, along with these and other users, will host a competition this July.

Meetings will begin in June and will meet weekly until the competition. Dawson who admitted,”I come here every day to skate,” said that he too wanted to keep the park clean and have a competition. Smith stated clearly of the project “YOLO!” All park users will be invited to help plan a competition and the three visiting members who helped with this cleaning initiative all stated that they want to be involved as well and will come to planning meetings in June for the event.

To get involved or for more information on the upcoming event contact MCRF at 641-672-2499.


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