Oskaloosa Students Earn “Gallon Grad” Blood Donor Awards

Three students from the Oskaloosa-area will receive Gallon Grad awards from Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (MVRBC). The Blood Center established the Gallon Grad award to honor students who donate blood at least eight times before graduating from high school. (The fluid volume from eight whole blood donations is approximately one gallon.)

Students are eligible to begin donating blood at age 16 (with a signed parental permission form, provided by the Blood Center) and most began donating blood at a blood drive hosted by their high school. “These students have done something really special,” said Diana Allman, Donor Relations Consultant for MVRBC. “As dedicated blood donors, they provided a resource that helps save lives at hospitals throughout our region.”

Gallon Grad award recipients will receive an award certificate and a Red Cord that signifies the connection between the blood donor, the Blood Center and patients who have been helped by the student’s donations. With permission from their school, students may choose to wear the Red Cord in their high school graduation ceremony.

Local students receiving the Gallon Grad award from Oskaloosa High School include: Aaron Johnson, Andrea Reif, and Erin Shannon.

MVRBC is the provider of blood and blood components to Mahaska Health Partnership. Blood donation is a safe, simple procedure that’s about one hour.  Donors must be at lest 16 years old, in good health, and a weight at least 110 lbs. A photo ID is required to donate; 16-year olds must present a signed parental permission form, available from the Blood Center or online at www.bloodcenterimpact.org.


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