Oskaloosa High Veterans Day ceremony

Many Veterans Day ceremonies were held across the country on Thursday (11/11).  One of those was at Oskaloosa High School.  Junior Jordan Barnes explained why Veterans should be considered heroes.

“The Marine, soldier, sailor, airman or Coast Guard has sacrificed themself so that freedom would not die.  On top of that, they only ask for one day when they deserve so much more.  Never forget them.  Never forget when they paid the ultimate price.  Never forget about the families they leave behind.”

Sophomore Sarah Phillips echoed that sentiment.

“When they went into the service, they expected no praise, no medals or attaining a higher rank.  They simply heard the call of duty and responded.  They left home, they left their families and their lives.  For what?  For us.  For the freedoms that we take for granted each and every single day.”

Julie Wells, an Oskaloosa High graduate who served in the first Gulf War, was the featured speaker.  She asked people to do this:

“While I ask you to consider what your call to service is.  Not everyone is meant for the military.  But truly, we are all meant for service.”

Wells also said if she was asked to do it all again, she would.


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