Oskaloosa City Council meets

The Oskaloosa City Council has approved design documents for the early childhood and recreation center project.  The project combines a new Mahaska YMCA with an early childhood education center for Oskaloosa schools.  Oskaloosa Mayor David Krutzfeldt talks about Monday night’s (12/2) vote.

“It was a good way for us to be able to bring it forward to the other members of the Council who aren’t part of the subcommittee that are working on this, so that way they’re not left out of the hoop.  And also in there is a resolution of commitment that says ‘OK, this is what we’ve developed so far. Are we still committed to this design?’ And so we have all the Council back on page now where everyone understands what everyone else is seeing and working on.”

Also at Monday’s Oskaloosa City Council meeting, several City employees received plaques for length of service:  Gary Kutcher (KOO-chur) for 30 years with the Oskaloosa Police Department, John Plumb for 25 years with the Police Department, Gary McClun for 20 years with the Police Department, Adam Haroldson and Daniel Hoy both for ten years with the Fire Department, Nancy Hall for ten years with the library, Akilesh Pal for ten years with the public works department and city manager Michael Schrock for ten years with the City of Oskaloosa.


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