Osceola couple plead to child endangerment

An Osceola husband and wife accused of abusing two adopted children have pleaded guilty to two counts each of child endangerment.  42-year-old Kenneth Fry and 40-year-old Kelly Fry entered their pleas Monday (5/13) in a deal with prosecutors that saw several other charges dropped.  Prosecutors say the children, ages 8 and 9, were adopted from Ghana and that the Frys kept them in an unfurnished room divided by a wooden wall. The divided room contained only a couple of blankets and buckets for use as toilets, and its door was equipped with an alarm that would sound if opened. Doctors say the children were also dangerously malnourished.  Prosecutors say the Frys’ five other children had typical age-appropriate bedrooms and did not have food restrictions.  The Frys each face up to two years in prison when they’re sentenced May 23.


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