One injured in crash between two semis

“The semi was laying across the highway in front of me… the dark…and I had no place to go.”

That’s what Kevin Moorman of Baxter saw as he was going east on Highway 163 west of Pella around 5:40 Thursday morning (5/2).

“I guess I made a decision to slide, move over, try to avoid the accident, but I had no place to go.   I went from the right lane to the left hand lane, then I went through the trailer instead of hitting her tractor head on.  Because otherwise, there probably would have been two dead bodies laying here.”

And according to an Iowa State Patrol Trooper the No Coast Network spoke to, if Moorman had been driving a regular car, instead of a semi, there could have been two fatalities.  As it is, Moorman was shaken up, but not injured.  The driver of the other semi has not been named, but we’re told she was taken to a Pella hospital with minor injuries.  The eastbound lanes of 163 between 198th and 195th Streets were blocked to traffic for most of the morning while Iowa DOT personnel cleared the accident scene.


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