Offbeat News: A Baby Cow, Stupid Criminals, & More


Pictures and videos have surfaced of a baby cow who’s missing its front legs and walks on its hind legs. When the cow stands straight up it’s about the same height as a child. No one knows how the cow lost its front legs, but people are starting to worry.

Some believe the animal should be put down, while others want to give it a sling with wheels to help it walk. The photos of the cow, surfacing from Indonesia, are quite bizarre alarming people of its safety. Nevertheless, the cow doesn’t appear to be in pain, but could use some love and affection.

You can check out the video at the “Bob’s Morning Brew” Facebook Page.

Anyone who has used the dating app Tinder knows that swiping right on a photo of someone means you would consider meeting them in real life to see if there is some real chemistry—and swiping left means instant rejection.
A Missouri State University freshman has taken matters into his own hands when he accidently swiped left on a girl from his school on Tinder. He said his “heart sank” when he accidently rejected a fellow student named Claudia. All he could remember was her first name and bits of her bio, so he decided to email every Claudia in the university.

Classmates are calling it the tale of Tinderella. In his email, the freshman explained “the one that got away” and asked Claudia to email him back with a simple answer: left or right? If she said “right” then he offered to take her for doughnuts.

Well folks, Claudia spoke up and she said “right!” Claudia Alley knew the email was about her after spotting a joke referenced in the email from her bio. She even took to twitter to share the revelation with a side-by-side of the email and her Tinder profile. It’s since accumulated thousands of views. Even Claudia’s mom heard about it on the radio! The two have linked up and are set to go for doughnuts this week.


  • Police say a Taco Bell employee was a little too upset about having to work a morning shift. The crank complained to his supervisor who told him “to stop being a cry baby.” Next thing you know, the worker tossed a burrito at his supervisor, when melted cheese lands on the her. The employee then breaks his headset and storms out. No arrests have been made yet.
  • Bond has been set at $33,000 cash for a Miami self-proclaimed “Sovereign Citizen.” According to police the man busted into a neighboring apartment after hearing a boyfriend and girlfriend arguing. He proceeded to hit the boyfriend in the head with nunchucks. Lenvil Persinger describes himself as a “sovereign citizen” and believes the law does not apply to him. He wouldn’t even talk to investigators after arrest.



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