North Mahaska school bond election Tuesday

There’s going to be an election Tuesday (9/10) in the North Mahaska School District.  Voters will decide on a $12.8 million bond issue to pay for improvements to the school buildings.  Those improvements include security to the school buildings, as well as air conditioning.  North Mahaska Superintendent Angela Livezey says the lack of air conditioning means school sometimes has to be let out early late in the school year because of the heat.

“It does get hot in the building, but more importantly we’re looking at that classroom learning environment…where we want to ensure that students have the opportunity to focus on learning and to not think about how hot and humid it may be.  As you can imagine, when you get 20 to 22 little bodies in a classroom along with the teachers, it can warm up really quick.”

The polls will be open Tuesday from 7am to 8pm at the North Mahaska Elementary School cafeteria.


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