North Mahaska prepares for prom

It’s prom season in the No Coast Network listening area.  Prom is an event that is a high priority for high school students.  It’s also an event that wasn’t held in many places last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.  North Mahaska is holding its junior prom on Saturday (4/17) and junior class sponsor Brant Bollman says the students are looking forward to it.

“Yeah, they’re excited.  They’re glad we’ve been able to keep COVID at bay for a while so we can have a normal prom…or as normal as we can.”

North Mahaska junior Gracee Chandler is happy there’s a prom this year.

“It’s pretty cool to do it this year because it got taken away from us so suddenly last year and we were all so excited for it.  So we get basically a second chance.”

Breanna Fogle, another junior, tells us what she’s looking forward to at the prom.

“Just like, being able to be in a group setting and have fun with friends and make memories on a special night.”

Other area high schools having prom this weekend include EBF, Pella and Knoxville.


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