New twist in Bahena Rivera case

The man convicted of first degree murder in the 2018 death of Mollie Tibbetts won’t be sentenced on Thursday (7/15) after all.  Defense attorneys for Cristhian Bahena Rivera have filed additional motions.  Earlier this week, defense attorneys filed a motion after an inmate at the Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility claimed a second inmate told him that he had killed Mollie Tibbetts in Brooklyn in July 2018 and planned to dump her body near a Hispanic man to make the Hispanic man appear guilty.  In an additional motion filed Tuesday night (7/13), this second inmate claims he saw Tibbetts bound and gagged at a trap house—a place where illegal drugs are sold.  The defense motion refers to 50-year-old James Manuel Lowe, who allegedly ran a trap house in New Sharon.  Defense attorneys Chad and Jennifer Frese say they have learned that Lowe had dated Sarah Harrelson of Montezuma.  She’s the mother of 11-year-old Xavior Harrelson, who has been missing since May 27.  The Freses claim that prosecutors suppressed evidence and there should be a new trial for Bahena Rivera.  That motion will be heard Thursday morning in Montezuma.  Judge Joel Yates has put Bahena Rivera’s sentencing on hold after the hearing on a motion for a new trial.


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