Mahaska County YMCA Receives Higher Rating

The Mahaska County YMCA Kids Corner Child Care Center, 2303 East 8 th Avenue, University Park, IA has achieved a Level 4 Iowa Quality Rating System (QRS) rating from the Iowa Department of Human Services. This level 4 rating is based on a five level scale of quality measures. Previously the facility had garnered a level 3 rating.

Iowa’s QRS is a voluntary child care rating system for child development homes, licensed child care centers and preschools, and child care programs that are operated by school districts. Ratings reflect information provided by the program at their time of rating. In choosing a child care program, parents should discuss the current licensing status with the program and be aware that child care centers are required to prominently post licenses.

The QRS was developed:

  • To raise the quality of child care in Iowa
  • To increase the number of children in high-quality child care settings
  • To educate parents about quality in child care

There are five levels in the QRS. For a program to be rated at:

  • Level 1: all Level 1 criteria must be met – The YMCA met licensing standards.
  • Level 2: all Level 1 and Level 2 criteria must be met – The YMCA had additional training and made steps to improve quality.
  • Levels 3-5 all Level 1 and Level 2 criteria must be met, and then the program must earn a minimum of one point in each of the Level 3-5 categories. For levels 3-5, the level is determined by the total number of points earned.

Those levels include the areas of professional development, health and safety, environment, family and community partnership, and leadership and administration.

As a child care provider, the Mahaska County YMCA puts into practice what research has shown for some time. The quality of care that young children receive in out-of- home settings provides a foundation upon which their future learning is built. Children who attend higher quality child care settings display better cognitive, language and social competencies. The Y plays an invaluable role in the growth and development of each and every child in our care. Our participation in QRS demonstrates our commitment to provide ongoing quality care for children.

Kathy Chamra, Child Care Director and her staff at Kids Corner headed by Meagan McCartie, Site Supervisor should be commended for this achievement. For any questions regarding Mahaska County YMCA Child Care or Preschool, contact 641.673.8411 or


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