Knoxville City Council Awards Park Project Bids, Begins Hearing Budget Presentations

By Sam Parsons

The Knoxville city council met last night and held public hearings for improvements to both Edwards Park and Veterans Park.

The Edwards Park Improvements Project mostly involves making improvements to the drainage at the park, including the replacement of the outlet structure. 8 bids for the project were received and the contract was awarded to Cushman Excavating for $179,318.90. Work is expected to be done by the end of September.

The Veterans Park Improvements Project is more extensive. It entails vegetation removal, pavement removal, tree protection, excavation, bioretention cells, splash pad PCC, equipment and amenities, playground area, landscaping and seeding, restroom, utilities including electrical, water service, storm sewer and subdrain structures and piping, and sanitary structures and piping, PCC sidewalk, temporary traffic control, erosion control, and other miscellaneous work. 5 bids were received and Cushman Excavating was awarded the contract for a low bid of $1,012,500. This project has the current deadline of August 18, 2023.

The council also heard budget presentations from the police department as well as the airport and library. The airport’s expenditures for the upcoming year are estimated to be $691,250, a decrease of 15.07% from the previous year. The library’s expenditures are estimated at $704,017, an increase of 10.44%. And the police department’s expenditures are expected to total about $2,197,691, an increase of 14.89%. No action was taken yet, with more budgetary presentations still to be given in the coming weeks.

The next regular meeting with the Knoxville city council is scheduled for February 20.


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