Klobuchar campaigns in Oskaloosa and Ottumwa

Democratic Presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar brought her campaign to Oskaloosa and Ottumwa Tuesday (7/2).  The Minnesota US Senator says one issue she wants to tackle is high prescription drug prices. Klobuchar says one way to do that would be through Medicare negotiation.

“Because right now there is a law that says that the federal government cannot negotiate with Medicare on prices for drugs.  Can you imagine this? It’s locked in.  They do it for VA.  They do it for Medicaid.  But they can’t do it for 43 million seniors in this country.”

Klobuchar says another way to lower drug prices is to get them from Canada, where some medications are less expensive.  Klobuchar says people should vote for her because she listens to people and can get things done.


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