Junior the Bulldog/American Boxer Mix

Junior is a 2-year old American Bulldog/Boxer mix who has been surrendered to the shelter. He’s now looking for someone who wants to spend the rest of forever with him. He’s lived with dogs and seems indifferent to cats. He doesn’t like kids who back him into a corner (he might work with older kids). He likes to play fetch, but is not very good at giving that ball back (after all, you did throw it away). Junior knows most of his commands. He’s not very happy about being at the shelter, but is starting to give kisses to the ones who gave him a bath–and attention. Junior will be ready to go as soon as he visits the vet, but you can come in and meet him now!! Call Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter at (641) 673-3991 for more information about Rambo or a wide variety of other loving and adoptable pets!


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