Iowa Legislature opens Monday

The Iowa Legislature begins its 2020 session Monday (1/13) in Des Moines.  Representative Dustin Hite from New Sharon talks about the Legislature’s priorities for this year.

“Usually, the first order of business is always getting the budget set and getting the aid for local schools set.  So I suspect that’s going to be first and foremost on our minds.  One of the major projects that I’ve been working on over the interim is putting together a package with three other legislators to try to make inroads into getting broadband internet, high speed internet access, to the many rural Iowans that don’t have it.”

The Republican majority Legislature will tackle some of the problems that they argue hinder business growth….such as taxes, a lack of available workers and a shortage of affordable child care. One of the first tasks will be to install a new House speaker. That position is expected to go to Pat Grassley, grandson of Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley.


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