Iowa Fire Marshall lifts burning ban

The State Fire Marshall’s office has lifted the burning ban for all of Wapello County, including Ottumwa. The ban on open burning was issued on March 24th due to very dry conditions.

City residents are reminded that the only materials that can legally be disposed of by burning are yard waste like leaves and branches.  The burning of trash, garbage, household or commercial solid waste, recyclable materials, plastics, furniture, tires, appliances, building materials and waste oil is always unlawful in the City of Ottumwa.

Residents who choose burn yard waste are reminded that the State Fire Code requires that outdoor fires must be under control and attended at all times. Adequate means for extinguishing must be readily available.   If a complaint about the smoke is filed, the Ottumwa Fire Department will investigate the source and, if necessary, put out the fire and issue a civil citation.


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